Get your students’ scores soaring.

With complete, customised learning guidance from class 8 to 12.

  Help your students enjoy learning their own way, like never before

  Give them the opportunity to discover where they stand on regional and national levels

  Improve and track your school’s performance, every quarter, with a guide for teachers and students


Vidyartha is India’s first learning guidance platform to have worked with over 3,000 schools and 2,00,000 students across the country.

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How it works



Identify your students’ interests and strengths through a series of assessments combining their academic performance, passions and aptitudes, you get to understand each student’s learning styles, strengths and areas of improvement.



Evaluate their performance as opposed to their peers by showing them where they stand within their board, region and country - with respect to each subject. This piece of information is vital to understand what areas they need to focus on to improve.



Guide them to excel at everything by using the in-depth analysis of each student and a personalised subject-wise learning path for each of them. They can get in touch with counsellors and personal learning coaches to follow the plan through to success.

"Like every other student of my age, I faced a lot of pressure to take up engineering or medicine. But I knew that I was interested in studying history and design. No wonder Social Sciences and Art showed up as my interests and aptitudes. Thankfully, I got tangible results and a personal coach to show my parents that this was meant for me!"


Bijo Thomas
Class XII, Bengaluru

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